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Our website address is: https://fa.miralfx.com.

Please read the Privacy Policy carefully.

This document is an integral part of the agreement between you (also named “User”) and MiralFX (also named after “Company”). 

Privacy Policy describes the rules for the Company’s work with respect to your personal data. Personal data includes any User data that identifies her/him as an individual. This Policy also explains the use of personal data that we collect when you use our services by communicating with us by phone, e-mail or other means. This Policy informs you what type of information we collect, with whom we share it and for what purposes, how we protect it and what rights you have to preserve the confidentiality of your information. 

MiralFX is serious about protecting the personal data of its customers and preserving confidential information. To avoid the loss of information, its misuse, alteration and unauthorized access to it by third parties, we comply with all requirements, both organizational and technical. 

By accepting the Privacy Policy, the User agrees to the collection, storage, use and disclosure of personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable law. You can withdraw your consent and request that you remove your personal data by contacting us. 

What personal data does the Company collect? 

You can provide us with identification, contact, financial and other information when you fill out online forms or send us application forms by mail, as well as by phone, e-mail, during authorization in the Personal Account or in another way. Also, all the personal data that you provide in cases where: 

  • use our products or services; 

  • register your personal account on our website; 

  • subscribe to our publications or third-party publications related to us; 

  • agree to receive our promotional materials and newsletters; 

  • participate in a contest, loyalty program, special promotions or surveys; 

  • leave reviews. 

On individual pages of the site, personal data may be requested, which you can provide if you wish (for example, we can request contact information to register a Personal Account, sign up for advertising newsletters and notifications from us so you can submit applications to us). 

When you visit our site, certain information is automatically sent to us from your devices. In some jurisdictions, including the European Union, such information may be considered personalized in accordance with certain data protection laws. Some of this information is collected using cookies. 

How can the Company use your personal data? 

  • Sending you newsletters; 

  • Proper provision of our services; 

  • Analysis and understanding of our audience in order to improve the Service; 

  • Investigate violations of this Privacy Policy to ensure compliance and protect our interests and rights. 

We may send you marketing letters with information about our Services that we find interesting for you. 

The purposes for which we will use your personal data: 

  1. To provide you with customer service. Such data includes identification 

information (name, surname, country of residence, address and other similar information), contact details (e-mail address, phone number, web page, messenger number and the like), national identification documents (passport, id document, residence permit and others), financial information (bank account number bank card number and name of its owner, documents showing the origin of money and others), political significance (documents and waivers), documentary information (copies of documents confirming information provided). 

  1. Risk management, money laundering prevention, response to regulatory and legal requirements. Type of data: transactional, financial, identity. 

  2. Marketing. Type of data: contact, consent and correspondence. 

What information can the company disclose to certain third parties? 

We do not pass on information to companies, organizations and individuals outside the Company unless one of the following conditions applies: 

We will share your personal data with companies, organizations or individuals outside of the Company if we have a conscientious belief that accessing, using, storing or disclosing personal data is reasonably necessary for: 

  • compliance with any applicable laws, regulations, lawsuits, or coercive government requests; 

  • the application of current legislation, including the investigation of possible violations; 

  • identifying, preventing fraud, supporting security or solving technical problems; 

  • protect the rights, property or security of the Company, our users or the public as necessary or within legal limits. 

We can share identifiable information in public and with our partners. For example, we may publish information in public to show trends in the overall use of our website. 

If the Company participates in the merger, acquisition or sale of assets, we will continue to ensure the confidentiality of any personal data and notify Users before the personal data are transferred or become subject to another privacy policy. 

We will not share your name, email address or other information with other users. 

Under certain conditions, we may transfer your personal data to a third party in another country for further processing in accordance with the objectives set out in this Policy. In some cases, this may include the transfer of data to countries that do not provide the same level of protection as the laws of your country of residence. In such cases, we will, in accordance with legal requirements, ensure that your privacy rights will be adequately protected by appropriate technical, organized, contractual or other legal measures. 

What rights does the user have? 

  • You have the right to receive a copy of the personal data that we have about you. 

  • You have the right to request that we correct any inaccurate information and / or supplement any incomplete personal data. We will correct our records and notify third parties to whom such personal information could be transferred, as described above. 

  • You have the right to transfer to another person or request a copy of all personal data that you provided to us, after which we will transfer this data to another data controller of your choice. 

  • You can exercise this right by clicking on the “unsubscribe” or “unsubscribe” link in the marketing letters that we send you. 

  • You have the right to request that we stop processing your personal data. Please note that this may prevent you from using certain services for which the processing of your personal data is necessary. 

  • You can withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data at any time. This will not affect the legality of data processing to which you previously agreed. Please note that if you withdraw your consent, this may prevent you from using some of the features of our service that require the processing of your personal data. 

  • You have the right to request that we delete all of your personal data, and we will do it if there is no legitimate reason not to do so. 

  • You have the right to file a complaint with the supervisor. 

Automatic decision making 

In some cases, our use of your personal data may result in making automatic decisions (including profiling) that affect you legally or have an important influence on you of a different nature. An automatic decision is a decision about you, made automatically on the basis of a computer calculation (using software algorithms), without human control. When we apply an automatic decision that concerns you, you have the right to challenge the decision, to express your point of view and demand that the person reconsider the decision. 

To contact us 

For questions, comments, clarification email us via Support@miralfx.com.

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میرال اف ایکس
ثبت شده خیابان جیمز، کینگستون، VC0100 سنت وینسنت و گرنادین واقع شده است.

شناسه‌ی تجاری رسمی میرال اف ایکس 2319LLC2022 می باشد.

میرال اف ایکس

 پیشرو در گسترش تجارت و معامله گری در بازار بین المللی است؛ با در اختیار قرار دادن شرایط و ابزار های ویژه، معامله گران را در کسب سود بالاتر همراهی می نماییم.

تماس با ما

Email: Info@miralfx.com
تلفن : 0017844856124
فکس : 0017844856124

سلب مسئولیت

معاملات ارز خارجی، حاشیه ریسک بالایی را به همراه دارد و ممکن است برای همه سرمایه گذاران مناسب نباشد. قبل از تصمیم گیری برای معاملات ارز خارجی، باید اهداف سرمایه گذاری، سطح تجربه و میزان ریسک خود را با دقت در نظر بگیرید. این احتمال وجود دارد که بخشی از سرمایه گذاری اولیه خود را از دست بدهید. بنابراین نباید پولی را پرداخت کنید که تحمل از دست دادن آن را نداشته باشید. شما باید از تمام خطرات مرتبط با معاملات در حوزه‌ی ارز خارجی آگاه باشید و در صورت داشتن شک و تردید از مشاور مالی کمک بخواهید.

اطلاعات موجود در این سایت مغایر با قوانین یا مقررات به ساکنان هیچ کشور یا حوزه قضایی که در آن در حال خدمات رسانی است، نمی باشد.

این بروکر از پذیرش مشتریان با ملیت ترکیه و آمریکا معذور است.

افشای ریسک

میرال اف ایکس ارایه دهنده ی خدمات معامله گری در بازار بین المللی فارکس FX و CFD ها سهام های بین المللی می باشد که تمامی این خدمات مالی بر اساس مارجین مشخصی قابل معامله گری هستند. ترید این نمادها بسیار پر ریسک می باشد و به همان میزان که اهرم اثر مثبت دارد می تواند بلعکس نیز نتیجه دهد.لذا پیش از سرمایه گذاری و اقدام به معامله گری در این بازار، میزان ریسک را درک و هدف از سرمایه گذاری را مشخص و اگاهانه به بازار ورود نمایید.
در صورت نیاز حتما اقدام به دریافت مشاوره نمایید.

بروکر میرال اف ایکس به هیچ وجه من الوجوهی اقدام به پبشنهاد با توصیه در نگهداری یا فروش و یا خرید سهام ها CFD ها اقدام نخواهد کرد.

بروکر میرال اف ایکس پیشنهاد دهنده ی بازار مالی نیست و تنها ارایه دهنده ی پلاتفرم اجرا شده می باشد لذا در ادراک خلاف این مهم امتنا نمایید.

اطلاعات موجود در این سایت مغایر با قوانین یا مقررات به ساکنان هیچ کشور یا حوزه قضایی که در آن در حال خدمات رسانی است، نمی باشد.

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